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In today’s information age it is becoming increasingly important to utilize relevant and functional technology to enhance the learning experience of students.

Students learn everywhere, not just in the classroom and with the internet allowing information to be readily accessible, institutional education is often under-utilised.

Educators are continually searching for innovative ways to engage learners, encouraging participation and collaboration which is proven to result in teachers talking less and students learning more.

As a learner, the sensation of contributing to their own lesson is enjoyable and encourages students to actively engage in their education which results in improved retention.

The success of technological investment in education is invaluable and improves the quality of basic education throughout United Kingdom and globally.

Clevertouch Education Touch Panels

Clevertouch boasts their leading educational touch displays with dedicated educational App store. Educate and collaborate as never before.

Epson Education Solutions

Epson is known as an industry leader with its no 1 LCD projectors since 2001

SMART Education Solutions

SMART is a global provider of interactive displays with a current product category share of 50.9 percent in the United Kingdom and 59.9 percent in the United States

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We encourage all learning facilities to contact us to assist them in implementing technology. Whether a basic data projector or full interactive collaboration. We at IAS provide the audio visual solutions to satisfy your educational requirements.

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