Corporate / Government Solutions

Capture and retain the focus of your audience by creating immersive, captivating experiences. Invest in technological advancement in your organisation and respond to the reality that has already happened.

Create enthusiasm and intangible excitement by keeping your technology interactive, relevant and functional.

Collaborative Meeting Rooms

Transform unproductive meetings into concise engaging discussions with quick decision making. Ideas, goals and plans contributed by participants recorded in real-time and once the meeting is over the chairman can save it all digitally for immediate implementation.

Remote Interaction

Share voice, video and data remotely with colleagues or customers thereby improving communication over any distance.

Staff or Government Training Rooms

Creating an engaging method of training allows staff to contribute to their learning experience resulting in motivated employees who are ready to get stuck into their workload more effectively.

Court Rooms

Allow court rooms to bring dynamic evidence into the court room. Advocates can interactively highlight important points and literally draw out their versions.

Situation Rooms

Combining the right collaboration products is the key to collaborative intelligence management.

Interactive displays

Perfect for brainstorming and process management as well as presentations and customer engagement.

Interactive Digital Radiology Units

Digital perfection in the healthcare sector requires an enormous amount of expert knowledge and technical innovation. Solutions for digitally archiving medical diagnostic data are visualised through state-of-the-art medical screens, large screen public displays for operation room occupancy, emergency rooms, training or patient information and projectors for operating theatres.

Digital Signage

Attract attention with easily updatable content to influence purchase decisions and create a platform to showcase work. Perfect for advertising for retail markets, estate agents, schools etc.

Interactive Places of Worship

Places of worship are moving into the 21'st century by recognising that the youth of today needs a new approach to keep them engaged in what is being taught.

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